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Ball So Fly: Lakers Edition

Reason #57 why I love the NBA: no other sport intertwines so closely with fashion trends of the time. From the immortal Clyde Frazier to current-day Kevin Durants and Chris Pauls, off the court the NBA has always been the most fashion-forward (for better or worse) of the major sports. In Ball So Fly I take a look at some of the best and worst of NBA style. Up today: the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s been a rough year for the Lakers, but no team is more fun to kick when they’re down. Watching this group of underachieving All-Stars is a delight to watch both on and off the court.

The Good

How did Steve Nash go from the Tig Notaro

…to this??? Seriously, does any athlete (non-flat top division) have as meticulously coiffed hair in-game as Steve Nash? Why in Phoenix did he allow himself to look like a 90’s LPGA golfer when Don Draper was an option?

Not-too-skinny tie, off-white shirt, gray pants- nice work Steve. Pau, looks like you’re attending an emergency Board of Directors’ meeting. Put a tie on it hermano.


 Dwight is testing the limits of casual benchwear here. Good idea wearing stripes, as if he needs to create the illusion of looking any broader than he already is.

Man, Jack Nicholson looks like shit.

The Bad

Metta World Peace: raving lunatic or on his way to 6th period gym class?

Uh, Dwight? We get it, you look ripped in tight shirts, even turtlenecks. But what is that button for, is it a removable collar? Does that make it a mock turtleneck? (Mock turtlenecks- along with UGGS and Psy are exclusive members of the “Things named after the sounds that come out of your mouth when you see them” Club)


Ignoring the fancy handbag dopp kit that probably emptied his signing bonus, the blindingly salmon sweater, and the asymmetrical multicolored bowtie, Steve looks great, right?

Dale and Brennan disagree.

Coach D’Antoni is definitely a rewards member at Men’s Wearhouse.

The Ugly

Never forget.

Seriously though, if you’re at all interested in affordable men’s style, check out my favorite website, Dappered. They know their stuff.


One comment on “Ball So Fly: Lakers Edition

  1. Sh12
    January 28, 2013

    Hilarious, gotta love steve nash!!

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