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Ball So Fly: Rockets Edition

Reason #57 why I love the NBA: no other sport intertwines so closely with fashion trends of the time. From the immortal Clyde Frazier to current-day Kevin Durants and Chris Pauls, off the court the NBA has always been the most fashion-forward (for better or worse) of the major sports. In Ball So Fly I take a look at some of the best and worst of NBA style. Up today: the Houston Rockets.

The Good

Chandler Parsons

Lots to like on this team, but it would be remiss to not mention the man above first.

Chandler Parsons went to the University of Florida, but dresses like he’s from Williamsburg. Off-court pics of him are hard to find, but try harder Internet! Give the people what they want:

chandler parsons

Do you recognize this man?

How does one go from this…

…to this? James Harden is known for…experimenting with his appearance, and as one of my favorite players he deserves some credit here for the bravado. Plus you can barely see the ugly bowtie thanks to his beard. Harden below, however, is another story.


Jeremy Lin and all the joyous puns he brought Knicks’ fans just one year ago got paid and went to Houston. And he’s certainly looked the part. Little shiny, but classy. Pants could be a bit slimmer…

Part of the fun. collection

Not that slim.

(L to R) Me, Jessica Biel, Some backup QB

The Bad

Former Knicks PG Toney Douglas

The pattern of the buttons on his shirt spells out “Do What Toney Douglas Do” in Braille.

Not too bad, the bright color trend is still clinging to life, but the fashion police had to escort him from the building anyway.

Presented without comment, out of fear of #TeamBreezy.

…Just kidding, fuck you Chris Brown.

Harden went to the ESPY’s as a waiter at a seafood restaurant.

Ed Hardy(?) Backpack- because it’s never too early to label your kid a douchebag.

Cool hat.

This is why Maurice was expelled to Kris Humphries’ entourage.

The Ugly

Ladies and gentlemen… allow Carlos Delfino to demonstrate the power of a well fitting suit.

Go on…



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