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Life After NBC Thursdays

In addition to last month’s 30 Rock finale, this spring we say goodbye to another Thursday night NBC stalwart, The Office. While 30 Rock‘s departure while still at its peak was sad, The Office departure feels like putting down a lame horse. This all goes without mentioning the imminent demise of forever underappreciated Community. Regardless, it’s nearly time to look forward to something new. Splitsider listed all the pilots greenlit by the major networks, and here are a few of those to look forward to:

1) Untitled Dan Goor/Michael Schur project
Would you be interested in what happens when you put a former writer for The Daily Show, Conan, and Parks and Recreation (Dan Goor) with a former writer for Saturday Night Live and the creator of The Office (he also plays Dwight’s brother Mose), Parks and Recreation and the most influential anti-sports media website to ever be retired (Michael Schur) ? How about throwing Andy Samberg in as the lead, with Old Spice one-man-band, Eurotrainer Terry Crews presumably playing the Chris Tucker to Andy’s Jackie Chanberg? For good measure, supporting them will be poor-man’s Dennis Haysbert, Andre Braugher and the self-proclaimed 3rd best comedian in the world, Chelsea Peretti. Chelsea used to write for Parks, has her own viciously hilarious call-in podcast, and loves Khal Drogo. Fox picked up this cop comedy that takes place in an “outer borough of NYC” – fingers crossed for Staten Island, but then they’d have cast 3 guys that look like Vin Diesel’s “special” brother. Think Reno 911!, but if Lt. Dangle was Jewish and frequently made Jim Halpert faces at the camera. If Parks is The Office 2.0, this has potential to be Parks 2.0. Big Bang Theory is still The Office 0.1.

2) Michael J. Fox Pilot
Last year Michael J. Fox had a show picked up by NBC, before even making a pilot (how the Fox network passed up on it for promotional puns alone is beyond me). He plays “Mike Burnaby, a husband and father of three in New York City juggling the challenges of family and career while dealing with Parkinson’s disease. A former lead anchor for a local station in NY, Mike decides to go back to work after a new medication helps him manage the effects of his illness.” Fox’s wife is played by Betsy Brandt, otherwise known as the purple-wearing kleptomaniac, Marie from Breaking Bad. Bunk from The Wire plays his boss as well. Sounds promising, but since it’s on a major network, the best case scenario is Curb Your Enthusiasm-lite, complete with diet versions of Cheryl and Leon.

3) John Mulaney pilot
Former SNL writer John Mulaney has many thoughts to share with you. Here’s what he thinks about Law & Order SVU:

Here he has some issues with Home Alone 2:

And here he displays his affection for technology, movies and Mad Men previews:

If that didn’t convince you he’s one of the funniest up and coming stand-ups, he also is co-responsible for SNL’s most popular recurring character of late, Bill Hader’s Stefon, and is known to change the cue cards at the last minute in order to make Hader break. Check out this story from Grantland where Bill Hader discusses the process behind Stefon in the meantime and gain a new appreciation for the character:

Mulaney has a pilot produced by Lorne Michaels to be picked up by NBC. There are no details yet but he’s sure to bring familiar faces along with his Seinfeld-like irreverent observations to a younger generation. It’s bound to be a hit, because many people will tune in thinking it’s a show starring young Ian McKellen or fun. lead singer Nate Ruess.

So there it is. As more and more casting news roll in, expect more foolishly optimistic previews coming your way.


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