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Vacation Update

The posts have slowed down a bit in the past few weeks because I’ve been planning an 18-day, 11-city European extravaganza that begins tonight at 9 pm. I’m looking forward to experiencing the international reach the NBA has over in Germany and Italy during the rest of the playoffs. Even more so, I’m excited to changing my perceptions towards the region, because currently my knowledge of Europe is 100% based on pop culture. While I’m hoping for more of a Midnight in Paris adventure rather than Hostel, the idea of my dad and his very specific set of skills (gambling, technological ineptitude) rescuing me from generically-accented mobsters sounds somewhat fun. Won’t it be a thrill to spend Memorial Day in Berlin, commemorating the day when a group of Jewish-American guerilla soldiers burned Hitler, Goebbels and the entire Nazi regime alive during the premiere of a propaganda film.

Memorial Day heroes.

Here’s a comprehensive list of activities we’ve already planned to do in advance:

– Eat food

As you can see, a lot of thought and preparation has gone into this trip. Sad I’ll be missing out on all the great comedy coming up: Arrested Development, the John Oliver show taping in NYC, Fast 6. Be back mid-June, with more numbers and nonsense.


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