Throwin' it Out There…

From Alison Brie to Zach Randolph, and everything in between.


Mark is a 20-something currently writing this in a coffee shop in NYC  like he’s starring in a Reneé Zellweger vehicle. He is full of opinions but does not have enough friends to cover all the topics floating through his brain, so he has decided to use the Internet as a Pensieve to throw out all of these thoughts. Here you will find him venting about the Knicks, nerding out over Saturday Night Live and other quality comedy, wondering aloud if Tyrion Lannister is great or the greatest, discussing NBA players’ fashion choices, worshiping Mad Men, and attempting to use his useless talents at fantasy baseball to apply advanced sports statistics to TV and movies. If you like basketball, obscure pop culture references, stats or .GIF’s of Ron Swanson, you’ve come to the right place.

Mark is responsible for this tribute to a comedic genius:

Mark is also known for the occasional tweet at

Please friend him on Facebook! at kidding, that would be pretty pathetic.

Mark has also never written in the 3rd person before, but blames this page on his childhood idol Deion Sanders.


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